Newly awarded joinery project in Milsons Point, Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia
Time: 2020
Product Supplied:
Whole House Solution (130 units)
Technical Support:
On-Site Measurement, Local Installation Cooperation


Thrilled to share that OPPEIN has been awarded a very high-end project in Sydney’s North Shore Milsons Point. Which is right next to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House,
each apartment sales on millions of Australian Dollars. We are so glad and grateful that we are going to assist in creating value for this great Build.

We have just signed the contract and finished the prototype for this fascinating 130 units project.


KITCHEN CABINET | Minimalist kitchen with a handleless design

With unremitting tests and coordination, OPPEIN finally overcomes the difficulties of complex crafts on this design. The golden metal strips, which are widely used on this
kitchen, already become a highlight in this project.


BATHROOM CABINET | Bathroom cabinet with a symmetrical design

Arch door panel craft in this cabinet undoubtedly becomes another craft difficulty OPPEIN needs to overcome. To guarantee the quality, OPPEIN technical team makes a mockup for testing and finally confirms that both of the quality and appearance are satisfying.